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Jul 24 2016

Payment - directbanking

Direct connection to your bank account within the payment process. Its advantage is faster activation of delivery.
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Jul 20 2016


Some expressions will be linked to a small popup window for explanations


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Jul 20 2016


Possible specialfunctions:

  • Deliver stock, cancel rest (max orderquantity = stock)
  • Deliver stock, supply rest later (order above free of charge delivery without additional costs)
  • only complete delivery
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Jul 20 2016

Bonus points

You get points for each purchase on the basis of the purchase value. Convert them to money vouchers for your next order. Imaginable is to convert them into special (free of charge) connections of shop functions like Courier, envelope delivery for small orders, groupchanges etc.


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Jul 20 2016


As a registered user you can insert products which are not in our program into a list. Every other customer can vote for this item so that after a period of time we will add the products with the most votes to our portfolio

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Feb 10 2018


Filtering products of a category on the basis of their characteristics, such as design, voltage supply, etc. is now possible. Our filter is technically finished. In the near future we complete the remaining  characteristics. At ............

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